Hi, my name is Ben and I am the founder of "Ben Graphics" which is my graphic design & advertising company established in 2008. My mother is the main business partner of  my company.  It is continuously growing giving my honest services to people and businesses across the world.

What I do.

I'm a freelance graphic designer, specializing in the fields of corporate identity,google advertising,  UI/UX design, Mobile app design(Apple, Android), Web design, Print (ie. flyers, business cards, Posters, CD/DVD covers, book covers, brochure design, etc.) branding and more. You can also find my recent work in the portfolio section.

Projects and Clients.

During the last 11 years I have completed over 2000+ projects and have helped a broad range of business owners around the world to be successful with my services. Most of my past clients are from USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and many countries from Europe. They all keep coming back to me for all their design work. Don’t just take my word, read some of their,testimonials to see for your self.

How all it started.

My first art teacher was my mom, she is a retired art and music teacher and up to this date she’s been a huge strength to me, when I get too busy with projects she works on any illustration projects I take. She has been working with me as my business partner for many years now.
I really loved watercolor paintings and drawing since school days, and once I found out about digital art I was even more excited and started learning more.
When I was in Grade 8 I won a award in a digital art competition (First Place for Technical Talent) and then again when I was in high school I won another digital art award.( Flash animation overall winner) Awards like these encourage me to learn more about digital art and graphic design. After I completed my high school graduation Cambridge University, I started freelancing while doing my higher studies.

I first started working at Exhedra (owned by Ian Iippolito a special character which I highly honour) and after many years now I have my own company called Ben Graphics and recently I've been working more on mobile game designing and google advertising. And I'm hoping to expand my company even more in future.

Achievements and Awards.

First Place for Technical Talent(graphic design)
Awarded by Computer Literate Generation USA/Sri Lanka 2003

Flash animation Overall winner
Awarded by Computer Literate Generation USA/Sri Lanka 2005

Best Graphic designer profile of 2012
Awarded by Freelancer

Awarded by  Exhedra

Social networks.